About Us

Alqasim Education Trust

The basis and purpose
Alqasim Education Trust is a non-governmental organization (NGO) striving to serve humanity, especially to deprived and underprivileged Muslims in India and abroad. Since its inception, the organization has saved and transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, by responding to natural calamity and disasters, rebuilding lives, spreading light of education, and providing relief and medical treatment to the people in distress. In addition to serving

humanity and providing relief to people in distress, the Trust also builds mosques and educational institutions; publishes Islamic literature and works for economic and social development by working with local communities – regardless of race, religion or gender. The Trust remains guided by the quintessential values and teachings of the holy Qur’an and the prophetic tradition (Sunnah) in its whole efforts towards serving humanity and spreading the message of peace and love.

Together we will and can inspire and enable people to respond to the situations arising out of natural calamity and disasters and fight poverty, educate people and help sick and orphans through our Islamic values, expertise and sincerity.educate people and help sick and orphans through our Islamic values, expertise and sincerity. In responding to illiteracy, poverty and suffering, our efforts are driven by sincerity to God and the need to fulfill our obligations to humanity.

We believe the protection and well-being of every life is of paramount importance and we shall join other humanitarian actors to act as one in responding to suffering brought on by disasters, poverty and injustice. Our key values, of compassion, justice, sincerity and excellence– a critical part of our Islamic faith – inspire us each and every day to create positive change and remember the sanctity of life. Alqasim Education Trust works under the leadership of great Islamic scholars in India and fulfills the need of humanity as well as need of Ummah.

Alqasim Education Trust at a glance
  • Education
  • Health
  • Alleviation of Starving
  • Provide Emargency relief
  • Distribution of Holy Quran
  • Movement for protection of last Prophethood Mohammadur Rasulullah (SAW)
  • Movement for message of humanity
  • Provide of literature Quran and Sunnah
  • Movement for anti drugs
  • Sponsorship for widows and orphans
  • Building of mosques
  • Foundation of institutions schools
  • Water arrangement
  • Arrangement of Iftar in the month of Ramadan Karim
  • Scarification of animal on Eid - al - Adha

Care for orphan
Every child deserves the best start in life: a happy home, a safe place to play and access to quality education, medical care and nutrition. However, in India, many of these simple necessities and rights are out of reach. Instead, their life is incredibly challenging, with the risk of illiteracy, disease, child labor, lifelong poverty and even death. Living in poverty or simply unable to go to school due to crippling poverty, these children lack the means to keep safe at home, access critical education and medical or psychosocial care. Their futures look unsafe, uncertain and bleak.

Care for education
Every child deserves a quality education. It’s the key to a brighter future, offering the chance to learn critical skills, grow in self-confidence and escape the brutal cycle of poverty. What’s more, not only does accessing education help each and every child build their own futures, but it also impacts on generation after generation.

Jamiatul Qasim, Darul Uloom-il-Islamia
In the view of the services and achievements of Jamiatul Qasim, Darul Uloom-il-Islamia Supaul, Bihar, India, the Trust has taken 25 branches of this institution under its supervision and maintains all financial obligations. Jamiatul Qasim has been active in fulfilling religious teaching as well as modern educational needs for more than 30 years. This institution was established on (Shaʽban 16,1409 AH.) corresponding March 25, 1989.

Jamiatul Qasim, Darul Uloom-il-Islamia was started in a hut with just 3 teachers and 13 students. The number of students studying in Jamiatul Qasim and its branches exceeds 5000. Of these 2500 boys and 1500 are girls students, while 1000 students have been provided accommodation in hostels and the Trust bears all their expenses and facilities. More than 10,000 students have graduated from the institution so far.

  1. Orphans and girls are sponsored by the trust. Scholarships are given to the destitute and economically weaker people. Poor girls are married off and stipends are given to poor students who are studying in modern institutions.

  2. The focus of the Trust is especially on education and providing medical as well as financial help to the weaker section of society. Jamiatul Qasim is running various programs in this direction. The trust has an annual expenditure of over 5, lacs 50 thousand British pounds..

  3. Mosques are also constructed under the auspices of the Trust. Many mosques have been completed in different parts of Bihar. The following estimated cost has been determined for the construction of mosques:

    • £17100 for the construction of a MASJID-E- IBRAHEEM AL-KHALEEL
    • 23300 for the construction of a MASJID-E- AL-TAQWA
    • £38400 for the construction of a MASJID-E- HAMZAH
    • £100 for prayer rugs

  4. The Trust distributes free copies of Holy Quran and Islamic literature and books are published and distributed in different languages.
  5. In erupting communal riots, floods, earthquakes, fires and other natural calamities, the Trust team reaches out to the affected areas and conducts large-scale relief work and provides all possible assistance to the victims.

Imam Bukhari Islamic University
Currently, we are working on a mega project of establishing Islamic university in India. The foundation stone of Imam Bukhari Islamic University was laid on Friday 29 Jumadal Ula 1439 Hijri, corresponding 16th February 2018 by Sheikh-e- Harame Madani, Dr. Hamid bin Ahmad bin Akram Al-Bukhari, a prominent scholar on Hadith from Madinah Munawwarah. This university is being built on 25 acres of vast land. This foundation laying

program was attended by 1.5 million Muslim, prominent scholars, intellectuals and representatives from different countries. The University will manage the education of 10,000 students in elementary to higher education courses. The initial construction budget of Imam Bukhari Islamic University is 21,680,840 GBP, which is more than 21.68 million GBP.

Aims and Objectives of Islamic University
  • To spread the right call of the religion of Islam based purely on the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah as understood by the Prophet’s Companions and their pious successors.

  • To reform and reconstruct the socially and religiously rotten Muslim society along the lines of the true teachings of Islam.

  • To raise a wave of religious learning in Muslims and prepare them for religious services in such a way as to meet the challenges of the changing standards of the modern age.

  • Preparation of competent and virtuous men of Islamic learning in the perspective of the modern times.

  • To revive and rediscover the scholarly work of the pious precursors, making a sustained endeavor to keep the Muslims associated and enlightened with it.

  • Awakening the Muslims towards the growing importance of the useful modern secular learning and taking the required initiatives for the purpose.

  • Taking every possible step for the good and welfare of all the country-fellows, cutting across all barriers of caste, religion and social affiliations.

  • Taking every possible step for the good and welfare of all the country-fellows, cutting across all barriers of caste, religion and social affiliations.

  • Preparation of useful, constructive literature on Islam, its teachings and the areas of Islamic learning and their translation into national and international languages.
  • Adorning the Muslim women with the essentials of the religious knowledge and endeavor to create an Islamic awakening in them.

Jame-Al-Imam Mohammad Qasim Al-Nanotavi
Jame-Al-Imam Mohammad Qasim Al-Nanotavi has been constructed on a vast land. It is India's fifth largest mosque. The construction and renovation work of the first floor of this magnificent mosque has been completed. The construction and renovation work of its second floor is in progress. And the grand mosque was inaugurated on Friday 29 Jumadal Ula 1439 Hijri, corresponding February 16, 2018 by the Sheikh Harame

madani Dr. Hamid bin Ahmad bin Akram Al-Bukhari, a prominent scholar on Hadith from Madinah Munawwarah. Apart from this, in line with Islamic teachings on the value of every human life, we provide assistance to every needy persons, regardless of race, religion or gender. We work to transform and save the lives of people in crisis both across India and elsewhere. While we started our work providing disaster and emergency relief

supporting those who have suffered and lost everything in droughts, earthquakes, or floods or religious conflict alongside this immediate assistance, Al Qasim Education Trust has always aimed to relieve poverty and suffering in the long-term too. Since our inception, we are growing every day and reaching out to large people and doing our best to mitigate their suffering and helping them in the true Islamic way and tradition.

What we do
We develop long-term development projects aimed at providing sustainable living for poor communities and survivors of natural disasters as well as providing emergency relief. We fill many niches and give special emphasis to capacity building, economic empowerment, education and improving child and women health.

About our work & Values
  • We work in India through our trusted partners in consultation with stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Compassion and justice in all of our actions.
  • Accountability and transparency to all of our stakeholders, especially the communities which we work with.
  • Action with quality – our programs reflect and fill a gap identified by the communities we work with, with longer term actions based upon need and capacity.
  • Respect for rights, dignity and equal opportunity of all peoples.
  • Empowerment communities and individuals to reach their potential.

Vision & Ethos
The Holy Qur’an describes a ‘godly’ person as someone: “giving a rightful share of their wealth to the beggar and the deprived” (51:19); while Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) reminds us that: “Every good act is charity; and the person who guides others to a good act is as the one who did it; and, assuredly, God loves the act of aiding the distressed!” (Al Bayhaqi). The Prophet also says that “Love for humanity what you love for yourself!” (Al-Bukhari). “Whosoever saves a life, it is as if they have saved the lives of all mankind” (Qur’an 5:32)”.
The ethos of Alqasim Education Trust is rooted in these teachings; a belief that providing relief and aid to others is central to one’s humanity.

Support us
At Al Qasim Education Trust, we believe in the need to educate, learn and grow– helping each child to gain a critical education, learn much-needed skills and grow a bright and happy future insha’Allah. Here at Al Qasim Education Trust, we’re committed to breaking the ongoing cycle of poverty that so many children face. We want to ensure that all children receive a good education. We build and rehabilitate schools, stocking and equipping

them to provide quality teaching. We train teachers so that they give the best education possible, and support schools in other ways, to ensure that children are healthy enough to concentrate and learn. What’s more, we also work with adults, teaching them in ways that work best for their situation and culture to facilitate learning in the safest way possible to transform lives. By supporting us you can provide a child or adult with a

brighter future free from poverty. You can help educate others, and enable them to learn and grow a stable future. IF there were ever a time to join us, it is now. Every contribution, however big or small, powers our endeavor and helps us sustain our noble works. Support Al Qasim Education Trust from as little as £1, £5, £10, £20, £50, £100 or more. May Allah Almighty bestow all benevolence and blessings in your wealth and children and

attain you respect and chastity etc. Allah is our support and succour. وما تقدموا لأنفسكم من خير تجدوہ عند الله هو خيراً وأعظم أجرا . And whatever good you send forth for yourself you shall find it in Allah’s presence, that is better and greatest reward.